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In God’s eyes, every girl is a Beauty!

Leading a Beauties Group Makes an Impact! 

Every Girl is a Beauty

In God’s eyes, every girl is a Beauty! We want girls to know they are precious, priceless, and promised by a big and loving God! The world’s voice is loud and gives us the impression that our identity and worth comes from what IT says is important: looks, popularity, being productive, winning; however, this is not true. In Beauties, we encourage the girls to get to know God, and listen to His truth and build their identity in Christ!


We want girls to live with confidence in who they are! That is helped by knowing they belong. In Beauties, developing connections and friendships with fellow Beauties is an important part of the year. Girls meet in small groups of grade level peers, and there are up to 10 girls in a group. (Beauties serves girls in 1st-8th grade) This small group environment facilitates time for all girls to participate and engage with each other.

Our Meetings

Beauties can easily fit within the realities of busy family schedules. Meetings occur once a month to coincide with the school year (Sept-April). They are scheduled and hosted by the leaders and are usually two hours long.  In addition, leaders often plan a fun kick-off event in August and an end of the year celebration in May.

Group Leaders

Beauties knows that God puts passion in the hearts of women and moms to guide girls to love God and love others! So often, the worries of “teaching” prevent women from stepping into leading a small group like Beauties. We take away that obstacle by providing training, amazing step-by-step curriculum and ongoing support from the ministry team!

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