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Leaders Make All the Difference!

Beauties knows that God puts passion in the hearts of women and moms to guide girls to love God and love others! So often, the worries of “teaching” prevent women from stepping into leading a small group like Beauties. We take away that obstacle by providing training, amazing step-by-step lesson plans, and ongoing support from the ministry team. Beauties small groups are made possible by the love and commitment of women, just like you! It is within these groups that God’s love is sometimes known for the first time and girls understand that they are valuable just because God made them! It can be life-changing for the girls and the truths they learn will carry them into adulthood. Leaders make an impact and we appreciate each one! 

Each group is led by two adult women. This creates safety for our participants and helps leaders not feel overwhelmed. (Collaboration and co-teaching is much more fun!) We use the titles of "leader" and "co-lead" for registration purposes. A "leader"is the primary contact for their small group and for the Beauties organization. The co-lead is just as important, but she is not the main contact. Both leaders equally share the responsibility of preparing and leading each meeting. They work as a team to divide the meeting tasks based on interest and strength or even take turns leading parts with every other meeting. 

Leader Requirements

  • Uphold the Beauties Mission and Beauties Statement of Faith

  • Complete a Background check through Beauties, which is included in leader memberships

  • Complete a 2 hour online Leader Training if you are a new leader in Beauties

  • Model the love and character we pray the girls will develop in their walk with Jesus

  • Share the responsibilities of leading your small group through intentional prayer, preparation, and planning with your co-leader 

  • "Commit to community" by leading the entire year with your team leader and not miss more than one meeting a semester. 

  • Submit your leader membership registration and fee which gives you access to the curriculum and resources. 

  • Be intentional in fostering the Beauties culture within your group. 


Leader Training

A 2 hour, online training is mandatory for all new leaders. Moms who are currently leading or have led a Beauties group for many years walk you through the what, why, when, how of all things Beauties. You learn the routine structure of a meeting and even participate in some of the facets we ask the girls to do. The training is interactive and allows time for reflection, sharing, and questions. (There are no dumb questions, so ask away!) The digital leader manual you receive when you register is not only used during the training but also provides a great reference as you start your Beauties group. It is a tool that allows you to communicate clearly about Beauties, helps you to set up a group, recommends ways to manage supply dues, and addresses frequently asked questions.


Beauties training is a fantastic way to get to know the ministry even if you are not sure if you will start a group or co-lead a group! 


Register for our upcoming training 

Cost of registration: FREE!

Leader Membership

Memberships directly impact our ability to reach more girls for Christ and provide resources for leaders! If you choose to become a Beauties leader, whether starting a group or serving as a co-lead, all leaders register for membership. This membership is for one year and includes a background check, small group posters and printables, a year’s theme of detailed lessons for your grade level focus, supply lists, music playlist, monthly verse cards, and ongoing support from ministry leaders. 

Cost of membership is $35.00 per leader.

The Next Step 

Start a Group

If you would like to become a Beauties leader and start a group in your community, please email

Find a Group

If you would like to see if there is a group in your area, please contact We are currently serving locations within Colorado. We pray to go national in God’s timing!

More Questions?

We would love to hear from you! Contact the ministry team for general questions:

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