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Participant Information

In God’s eyes, every girl is a Beauty!

We want girls to know they are precious, priceless, and promised by a big and loving God! In Beauties, we encourage the girls to get to know God, hear His truth, and build their identity in Christ! Girls of all backgrounds, whether they have grown up with a faith tradition or not, can come and develop friendships with each other while deepening their relationship with Jesus. 


Small Groups

Beauties is for girls starting 1st grade through 8th grade. Each group consists of up to 10 girls in a peer group spanning 1-2 grade levels. Each group is led by 2 mom volunteers who have completed leader training. Groups meet once a month for 2 to 2.5hrs from Sept-April. Membership dues are part of registration and go directly to the organization. Supply dues are paid directly to the leaders and go toward lesson supplies, crafts, snacks, and group events. 


Monthly Meetings

The meetings incorporate several ways for girls to build an understanding of scripture and deepen their relationship with God. From interactive lessons, journal writing, prayer, worship, craft, and snacks, every component of a meeting emphasizes the purpose of the lesson. Monthly meetings are around 2 hours long.


We ask families to "commit to community" by not missing more than one meeting per semester. There are only 8 meetings in a year so missing more than two hurts the consistency necessary for girls to connect. 



Leaders are often moms with a daughter(s) in Beauties or women who have a heart to mentor girls. Each group has 2 volunteer leaders, so women tend to lead with a friend or connect with another mom interested in leading. Leaders do not need teaching experience; the curriculum is digital and offers step-by-step instructions. However, leaders must uphold the organization’s statement of faith and commit time to prepare and lead meetings. In addition, all new leaders are required to attend training (in person or online) and register for the yearly leader membership, which includes a background check and gives access to all leader resources. 


Beauties Membership 

Beauties is a community! Whether you are a leader or a participant, we are all sisters in Christ, leading and growing in our walk with God. The ministry is made sustainable by memberships so we can continue to reach girls for Christ and equip leaders with the support and resources they need! Parents/Guardians register their girl(s) for membership each year. Scholarships are available to families if needed. Please contact us at for more information. 

Membership: $15.00 per year

Supply Dues

A Beauties meeting requires a lot of preparation on the part of leaders. Supply dues cover the cost of printing lesson materials, purchasing snack and craft supplies, and planning fun events for the girls! Supply dues are paid directly to the leaders of a Beauties group and are not the responsibility of the organization. Supply dues are set by leaders; however, the ministry suggests $25.00 per semester for a total of $50.00 per year/per Beauty. Scholarships are available to help with cost. Please contact if this is a need. 

Start a Group

If you would like to become a Beauties leader and start a group in your community, please email

Find a Group

If you would like to see if there is a group in your area, please contact We are currently serving locations within Colorado. We pray to go national in God’s timing!

More Questions?

We would love to hear from you! Contact the ministry team for general questions:

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